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The Evil That Is "The War On Drugs"

The links at the bottom of the page will take you to a vast amount of facts and information you can use to counter the lies of a Drug War propagandist.

Legalize Freedom!

Twelve Reasons To Legalize Drugs  This is from 1988 but the points are even more important today. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

Sign The Marijuana Decriminalization Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, The Freedom You Save May Be Your  Own!

Basic Facts About the War on Drugs  A ton of good information. Arm yourself with the FACTS!

Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess & How We Can Get Out  This Blistering New Expose of the "War on Drugs" is Drawing Bipartisan Acclaim.

Legal History of American Marijuana Prohibition

The Great Marijuana CONSPIRACY! Get the how and why of Marijuana Prohibition.

Marijuana Arrests, the sad costs to America due to the evil "War on Drugs"

Think for Yourself: The War on Drugs Archives Who 'ya going to believe, a government drug warrior trying to justify wasting $17 BILLION OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS?   Think for yourself!

Q: How much of the taxpayers money would the be available for other programs (OR A MAJOR TAX CUT!) if we did not WASTE it on the FAILED "War On Drugs"?

A:   37 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR! (and that is in 1993 dollars, even bigger saving now!)

The Myth of Marijuana's Gateway Effect Here is a LIE the government keeps telling. I guess they think that if they say it enough it will become the truth...

A positive drug test does not indicate whether an employee was impaired or intoxicated on the job, nor does it indicate whether an employee has a drug problem or how often the employee uses the drug. Thus most tests do not provide information relevant to job performance.

Source: Lewis Maltby, Vice President Drexelbrook Controls, Harsham, PA, as cited in Report of the Maine Commission to Examine Chemical Testing
of Employees, (1986, December 31).


Marching To Victory!

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