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Medical Marijuana Facts

The Compassionate Use Act of 1996    Here it is, the full text of the California Medical Marijuana Law. If you don't live in one of Western States that has a Medical Marijuana Law, please copy it and send it to your state representatives and urge them to pass a Medical Marijuana Law in your State.

The forces of EVIL really shot themselves in the foot when they arrested Steve Kubby for medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Provider Is Jailed For Trying To Implement Prop. 215

93 Years for Medical Marijuana! That's what the sadists in the Oklahoma justice system feel is necessary to save society from sick people who medicate themselves and don't harm others. Call Gov. Keating in Oklahoma City and politely ask him to pardon WILL FOSTER.

How the Federal Government Is Blocking Medicinal Marijuana Research Scared of what it will show?

The Scientists and the General Quotes from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Workshop on the Medical Utility of Marijuana Roundtable Discussion, February 20, 1997, Natcher Conference Center - NIH Campus, Bethesda, Maryland. This is followed by our wacky "Drug Czar", the General, with some quotes that prove he is the one that is high. In light of all the facts, he is in complete denial....

Conclusive Evidence on Epilepsy and Marijuana

Drug Czar Holds Meeting to Undermine California Medical Marijuana Victory  Why does the federal government feel it must go against the will of the people in a fair and free election?   Are they afraid their lies will be exposed?

A Medical Marijuana Victory

Suppressed Truth About Marijuana Released What the government doesn't want you to know.

Federal Panel Agrees That Marijuana May Have Medical Benefits More of what the government doesn't want you to know.

Anti-Drug Politics Impede Medical Use of Marijuana  This is all because the legal drug industry is scared of losing business...

Suppressed World Health Organization (WHO) report was leaked to the British magazine New Scientistand they issued a Marijuana Special Report.

National Review Senior Editor Endorses Proposition 215

Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A: Straight Dope on Pot?

Here's a neat story on a medical researcher studying Medical Marijuana. As part of her studies she must interview AIDS patients who have used Medical Marijuana. The hitch is that the Dr. can’t find anyone who’s used Medical Marijuana and says it doesn’t work for them. This will not sit well with the Drug Czar, he is only interested in studies that show Marijuana is as bad as heroin.... (He can always make one up, like he has done all along!)


Marching to VICTORY!

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