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Growing Information

NOTE: The information provided here is for information only. The site does not encourage or imply any illegal activity. Work through the political process to bring common sense to our nations drug policy. Only people in California, Arizona, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington State  ( 5 states with voters that are not swayed by government lies) who have medical approval can legally grow  marijuana for personal use per the laws passed by the couragous citizens of those States.

WHAT IF......Someone started Operation "Johnny Pot Seed", a grass-roots movement to grow wild marijuana in all 50 states for the use and enjoyment of all?

  • What if.....they fed their extra seeds to the local birds and spread the joy...
  • What if.....they went for a hike and planted some seeds here and there...
  • What if.....they tossed some out in a local, state or national park or forest...
  • What if.....they tossed out seeds on highway medians, roadsides and off-ramps.
  • What if.....they planted seeds in planters of local, state and federal buildings...
  • What would happen????

    N.P. Kaye's Marijuana Cultivation Archive Know before you grow!

    Marijuana Grower's Handbook  Knowledge is Power!

    Grow Your Own

    Information about how the state in the form of CAMP  (California Against Marijuana  Planting)  is destroying the environment and endangering citizens by recklessly trying to destroy California's #1 cash crop. They can't even obey their own flight rules, sound like someone you can trust? Call the Governor and Attorney General and DEMAND an end to CAMP!

    Legalize Freedom!

    The FREEDOM You Save May Be Your Own...
    Marching To Victory!


    Choose Freedom!


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    Partnership For A Drug Free America
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    Hemp and the Environment
    Dangers of Prescribed Medicines
    What You Can Do?
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