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Drug Testing

NEWS FLASH:The Department of Defense has just issued an order prohibiting D.O.D. personnel from eating legal HEMP based products since it confuses drug tests for marijuana!  If you are in a job where you may be drug tested, stock up on legal HEMP based food products, this is your "get out of jail free" ticket! Just make sure that you regularly consume legal, HEMP based products!

Legalize Freedom!

A positive drug test does not indicate whether an employee was impaired or intoxicated on the job, nor does it indicate whether an employee has a drug problem or how often the employee uses the drug. Thus most tests do not provide information relevant to job performance.

Source: Lewis Maltby, Vice President Drexelbrook Controls, Harsham, PA, as cited in Report of the Maine Commission to Examine Chemical Testing
of Employees, (1986, December 31).

Do you want to give yourself an alibi for testing positive for Marijuana?  Eat products containing Hemp Seeds, they cause false-positives for Marijuana! Hemp Seed is a complete protien and there are companies that sell healthy foods that contain Hemp Seed. Just tell your accuser the reason why you tested false-positive is that you have consumed LEGAL products containing Hemp Seed since you DO NOT USE ILEGAL DRUGS!

Congress wants you tested for drugs. What happens when someone proposes testing Congress? Click here to find out...

The Non-Testers List is a list of companys that invade YOUR privacy with drug tests even though there is no demonstrated need. Boycott companys that drug test!

The Urine Test Page This site is LOADED with drug testing links and the history of high level government anti-drug officials who conspired to promote corporate drug testing so they could corner the lucrative drug testing market after leaving office! These slimeballs used their position to personally enrich themselves!

Drug Testing's Smoking Gun(s)
ROBERT L. DUPONT (former drug czar & former head of NIDA) was and maybe still is a partner in one of the largest urine testing companies. After promoting urine testing for years in government and making mandatory drug tests part of many Federal contracts, DuPont joined Carlton Turner (former drug czar) and Peter Bensinger (another former head of NIDA) in contracting as advisors to 250 of the largest corporations to corner the drug testing market. In a similar situation, former NYC DEA Bureau Chief Robert Stutman having lobbied for stiffer laws for years, and having left the agency now makes his living by owning Complete Compliance, a drug testing and consulting firm which assists small business in complying with new Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration drug and alcohol testing regulations.

The Drug Testing FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions) This is a must read. It contains the most up-to-date information on the net.

The Non-Testers List - A consumer/user guide to companies that uphold the U.S. Constitution and DO NOT drug test.

Rational Recovery Political and Legal Action Network - If you think your rights have been violated, and you want legal advise, visit the RR-Plan site.

An interesting page on legal issues regarding testing in the work place

The Great USENET Piss List - a list of employers who have drug testing policies and what those policies are

How long can drugs be detected in urine?

No More Drug Testing - written by Stephen Bradburn and Jimmy Blake, contains a treatise on why private drug testing should be eliminated and what steps should be taken in its place to insure safety in the workplace

A press release from the FDA About a method of drug testing by collecting and analyzing sweat

US Sentencing Commission - Title 18 CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE


The Drug Corner - "The realities of drug testing.. What you thought you knew."

Report Questions Value of Employer Drug Programs - By Ronald J. Ostrow, Los Angeles Times

Substance Abuse Policy Saves Landscaping Company $50,000 Annually - a most unconvincing piece of propaganda from the Department of Labor. They claim all these savings and increased productivity but completely dance all around how the savings were realized.

A Nation Obsessed with Urine - How to pass a urinalysis. presented by Cannabis Action Network

An article from eye WEEKLY - Toronto's arts newspaper, about anti-testing efforts on the net

High Times Magazine - Has a testing page. It's all a pitch to have you call their 1-900 number, but none-the-less there's some good information on the page.'s drug testing section - a lot of anecdotal files on how to foil drug tests

Academy transfers officer who flunked drug test - Copyright © 1995 The Capital, Annapolis, Md

DRUG TEST RESULTS FOR WASHINGTON, DC - December, 1995 Drug Test Statistics - Juvenile


SB 22 - Applicant for State Employment - submit to drug test A bill to amend Chapter 20 of Title 45 of the Official Code of Georgia


Beloit Daily News - Wednesday, November 15 1995 - School official casts doubt on drug-test proposal

An Amicus brief concerning Hair Testing in Casinos in Vegas from the case of Hotel San Remo vs. Cynthia Holmes

Hyperreal's Drug Testing Page

How long does it take for cocaine to clear out of urine? - from the Drug and Poison Information Center, Cincinatti, OH.

Book: What you need to know about drug testing in the workplace

So your back is up against the wall, you just tested positive, what do you do? (Besides eating HEMP based food products)
If it comes down to determining the accuracy of the test:

  • Obtain details of every aspect of the testing process.
  • How were the results obtained?
  • Was a screen test performed without confirmation by a GC/MS?
  • To how many mass   ions  was  the  analyte  tested to?
  • Has the lab undergone proficiency testing?
  • When?
  • Find out the lab’s record of false positives.
  • Any lab “mix-ups” that day?
Good Luck, you are not alone.

Marching to VICTORY!

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